Meeting documents

Monday, 18th April, 2016

Council Minutes

Monday 18th April 2016
6:30 p.m.
Council Chamber, Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX

Attendance Details


Councillors Ali, Audsley, Avis, Bains, Bashford, Bee, Bennett, Bird, Bonner, Brew, Butler, Buttinger, Canning, Chatterjee, Chowdhury, Clancy, Clouder, Collins, Creatura, Cummings, Fisher, Fitzsimons, Gatland, Godfrey, Hale, Hall, Henson, Hollands, Hopley, Jewitt, Kabir, Khan B, Khan S, King, Kyeremeh, Letts, Lewis, Mann, Mansell, D Mead, M Mead Mohan, Neal, Newman, O’Connell, Pelling, Perry, Pollard H, Pollard T, Prince, Quadir, Rendle, Ryan, Scott, Selva, Shahul-Hameed, Speakman, Stranack, Thomas, Thompson, Trakas-Lawlor, Watson, Wentworth, Winborn, Wood, Woodley, Wright.

Councillor Flemming
Apologies for absence:
Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Flemming

Item Item/Resolution

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held on Monday 29th February 2016 be signed as a correct record.


All Members of the Council confirmed that their interests as listed in their Declaration of Interests Forms were accurate and up-to-date.


There was no business under this item.


There was no business under this item.


The Mayor thanked those who had attended the Charity Comedy evening and the artists that took part in the event.

The Mayor advised her forthcoming charity events:
Afternoon Tea in Honour of the Queen's 90th Birthday - 21st April. The Mayor advised that a book of messages was available for signature and that this would be forwarded to Her Majesty.
Golf Day at Selsdon Park Hotel - 29th April.
Gala Dinner at Croydon Hilton - 6th May.

Councillor Tony Newman, Leader of the Council, moved that agenda item 19, Arrangement for the Appointment of the Chief Executive and Interim Chief Executive, be taken as the next item of business. This was agreed by Council.

Councillor Newman endorsed the Mayor comments in wishing Her Majesty a Happy 90th Birthday.

Councillor Newman also made the following announcements:

  • £4m had been received from the Home Office in respect of Unaccompanied Asylums Seeking Children. He also advised that the Council had received a letter from the Minister James Brokenshire, that funding was in place for the following year.
  • Congratulated Councillor Flemming on the recent birth of her daughter.

The Mayor advised Council that Councillor Matthew Kyeremeh was now sitting as an Independent Councillor whereupon Cllr Kyeremeh made a point of personal explanation.


Council RESOLVED to

  1. Note the resignation of the Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service to take effect 26 June 2016;
  2. Agree that an Appointments Committee is convened to appoint an Acting Chief Executive and Acting Head of Paid Service on an interim basis, subject to approval of Full Council on 23 May 2016;
  3. Note the indicative process and timescale to recruit to the vacancy of permanent Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service and appoint on an interim basis an Acting Chief Executive and Acting Head of Paid Service;
  4. Note that other interim arrangements will be put in place as needed in accordance with the scheme of delegation, the Council's Constitution and the Council's pay policy statement.

The Mayor made her farewell address.

The Mayor opened her speech by saying that the year had gone in a flash and that serving as Mayor of the largest London Borough had been a privilege and honour. She went on to say that she had enjoyed maintaining the strong civic links with organisations and individuals both inside and outside the borough, together with promotion of social cohesion and inclusivity.

She went on to say that is to role of Mayor to uphold the dignity and integrity of the office and she thanked both leaders for their support in this.
The Mayor said she had attended nearly 700 events visiting a variety of areas in the borough engaging in art, religious, business, emergency and health care sectors in addition to education, charity and voluntary sector organisations.

The Mayor went on to say that the Borough was one of many different cultures all contributing to one. She had met so many different people spanning the array of diversity of Croydon life and she thanked the many members of the public who had recognised the Mayors neutrality and the work that had been done throughout the year putting Croydon's interests first. The Mayor went on to say that the borough was blessed with people who gave their time freely and never asked for personal recognition.

The Mayor said that the strong links between civic life and Croydon residents was highly apparent and spoke of the number of people that had attended the Remembrance Services and watch the march past in Katharine Street. She went on to say that the military connection remains strong in Croydon with the 2nd Rifles exercising their right to march through the borough.

The Mayor said that the year had been filled with many memorable and poignant events, including her visit to Arnhem and the subsequent visit by the Mayor of Arnhem.

Some of the Mayors proudest moments had been presenting awards to many of the borough achievers and attending various productions and concerts that have demonstrated the wealth of talent across the borough.

The Mayor spoke of attending the London New Year's Day parade and of various events that had raised money for her two charities MIND in Croydon and CAYSH and thanked those members of her Charity Committee for their hard work throughout the year.

She thanked the people of Croydon for their support throughout the year, the residents of Addiscombe Ward and her two ward colleagues for their support. She went on to thank the staff in the Mayoral office, staff that had left including the Monitoring Officer Julie Belvir, and the outgoing Chief Executive Nathan Elvery.

She also thanked Col McRobbie, Deputy Lieutenant, for his services to the borough.

The Mayor thanked the Deputy Mayor Cllr Trakas-Lawlor and his consort for their support throughout the year and wished him good luck for his Mayoral year.

The Mayor thanked her family and friends for their support, especially her Consort and husband Mark Justice.

In summing up the Mayor said she had been proud to serve all the people of Croydon, proud to have been the first black female Mayor. From visiting 100year old ladies, to attending events with hundreds present, having the Mayor attending can means so much to people and really does make a difference and engages the community.

Finally she thanked the Councillors for their support saying it had been a pleasure and privilege to Chair the Council meetings and that democracy was alive in Croydon.

Councillor Newman moved a motion of thanks for the Mayor, which was seconded by Councillor Tim Pollard as follows,


Motion of Thanks

  1.  the Council tender their grateful thanks to The Worshipful, The Mayor, Councillor Patricia Hay-Justice, for the courteous and efficient manner in which she presided over the Council's deliberations during the past year;
  2. the Council record their sincere appreciation of the dignified manner in which Councillor Patricia Hay-Justice has carried out the traditional duties of the office of Mayor, of the support and encouragement which she and her Consort Mark Justice have given to the local organisations and of the prominent part which they have taken in the social life of the Borough during the Mayor's period of office; and
  3. that this resolution be engrossed and sealed and presented to the Mayor at the Annual Council Meeting in a suitable form.

The Motion was passed unanimously.


A petition with in excess of 8000 signatures had been presented to Council regarding the closure of Fairfield Halls for refurbishment. The petition was worded as follows:

"That Croydon Council reverse its current plans to close Fairfield Halls and instead work toward a phased development, which will keep this important landmark open to the community and prevent the loss of valuable jobs at the venue."

The Chief Executive explained the process for the debate and that there would be a vote taken at the end of the debate.

The Lead Petitioner, Mr Andy Hylton presented the petition and spoke for three minutes. [note: a technical malfunction meant that only a small part of the speech was recorded]

Councillor Timothy Godfrey said he was grateful for the passion and commitment shown by local people for the Fairfield Halls and that this was evidenced by the petition presented tonight. He went on to say that the level of support made him confident for the future of the Fairfield Halls.

He went on to say that it was the same passion and commitment that drove the Labour Administration to put culture at the heart of their manifesto. When the decision was made to for the £30m refurbishment of there was an understanding that it would have a significant impact on Fairfield and its staff. He went on to say that even with a phased closure there would have been a reduction in staff numbers and would have needed substantial funding over the two years to keep it running. The Council had provided a £750K cash injection to ensure that there was a proper closure procedure in place.

Councillor Godfrey advised that the Council would be working with the Theatre Trust. He went on to say that this was the start of a two year project that renews Fairfield Halls for the next 50 years.

He went on to say that the Council would look at ways to expanded the Fairfield Halls offer across a wide range of activities working with a wide range of partners and communities.

In summing up Cllr Godfrey said that the Fairfield Halls needed to be saved from its current position and that this exciting project would deliver a Fairfield Halls that the people of Croydon would be proud of.

Councillor Lynne Hale said that whilst she supports the refurbishment of the Fairfield Halls she believed that the decision to close them completely for two years was the wrong one. She went on to say that there was still much confusion around planning consent, design, finance, a timetable for the work and how the new Halls would operate in the future. She spoke of the loss of jobs and expertise of the staff and as a facility for community groups and charities. Cllr Hale queried why the opposition members had not been sent the full Mott MacDonald report on the construction risks.

Councillor Stephen Mann said the refurbishment of the Fairfield Halls was a great opportunity for the borough and that the refurbishment of the site was long overdue. He spoke of other borough that had been able to put on the best acts and shows as they had better facilities and that Croydon needed to be able to compete with them. In summing up Cllr Mann said that a phased refurbishment would cost more money and that he was looking forward to the reopening of the halls in 2 years.

Councillor Dudley Mead asked that the administration think again about a phased closure as it was important that the Town didn't lose the facility. He said rather than close in July it would have been better to have waited until after the pantomime season at Christmas. Cllr Mead asked what would happen to the heritage items in the Halls unique organ in the concert hall that had been refurbish and paid for by local residents. He went on to say that Simon rattle is quoted as saying that the Fairfield Concert hall is one of the finest acoustically in England. In summing up Cllr Mead said gave examples of other halls in Birmingham and Guildford that had closed for refurbishment and taken much longer than planned. Whilst he doubted Fairfield would open in two years he was sure it would open at some time in the future.

Councillor Tim Pollard thanked those involved in the Save our Fairfield organisation who wanted to save the much loved asset. He went on to say that no one was opposed to the refurbishment of the Halls but he believed that the Administration were taking a huge gamble by closing them completely. He repeated the concerns that the Halls were closing before any planning permission was in place and before an operator had been found to run it when it reopened. In summing up Cllr pollard said there was a risk that the audience would find other places to go and then it would be difficult to get them back. He called for the Council to support the residents and their petition.

Councillor Alison Butler said she commended the passion shown by those who had signed the petition and come to the Town Hall to support the debate. She went on to say that the Administration wanted to harness that energy to ensure that when the Halls reopened in 2018 they had a great modernised building fit for the next 50 years to be enjoyed by everyone. She went on to say that the plans for the College Green site was not just about the Fairfield Halls but would transform the area into a thriving mixed use place where local residents would want to live, work and play.
Cllr Butler in summing up said that Fairfield Halls was only one part of the development of College Green, Croydon College would be developed to give a new state of the art college facilities for the young people of Croydon that could potentially become a university in years to come. The redevelopment of the site will also include up to 200 new homes and give a vibrant public space for people to enjoy.

The petition was put to the vote and the no's had it. [The petitioners' request was not agreed]

At 19:45 as there were many people seeking to leave the public gallery the meeting was adjourned to allow members of the public to leave the public gallery. The meeting restarted at 19:53.


Under the provisions of the Council Procedure Rules (Croydon Constitution, Part 4A), written questions had been submitted and written replies were given by the relevant Cabinet Member. These were placed in the Chamber and Public Gallery and online. Oral supplementary questions were asked by members of the public.

Oral replies were provided by the relevant Cabinet Members.


[The meeting was webcast, please see link at the end of these minutes]
PQ062-16 - Mr Collier
PQ064-16 - Mr Ward
PQ065-16 - Mr Cartwright
PQ067-16 - Mr Samuel

[Note the written Public Questions and written replies can be found at]


Petitions were presented formally by Councillors as follows in accordance with Council Procedure Rules:

  • Councillor Hamida Ali on behalf of residents of Enmore Road.
  • Councillor Hamida Ali on behalf of residents of Denmark Road.
  • Councillor Hamida Ali on behalf of residents of Alfred Road.
  • Councillor Simon Brew of behalf of residents of Montpelier Road.
  • Councillor Pat Clouder on behalf of residents of Norfolk Road, Manchester Road, Liverpool Road and St Pauls Road.
  • Councillor Stuart King on behalf of residents of Cecil Road.
  • Councillor Vidhi Mohan on behalf of parents, teacher and governors of Archbishop Tenison's CE High School.
  • Councillor Andy Stranack on behalf of residents of Bellfield and Woodpecker Mount.
  • Councillor Mario Creatura of behalf of residents of Coulsdon.

In accordance with procedure the petition will stand referred to the relevant Cabinet Member.

In accordance with the Council's Constitution the reply to this petition will be included in the agenda for the next Ordinary Council meeting.


In accordance with the Council procedure rules, the printed responses were open to questions from Councillors. There were no questions.


Two motions were submitted for debate in accordance with Council Procedure Rules as follows:

The first Motion

  1. Proposed by Councillor Tony Newman
    Seconded by Councillor Hamida Ali

"This Council believes that the continuing economic success of Croydon, in terms of delivering ongoing growth, inward investment and local jobs for Croydon residents is best secured by the UK remaining a member of the European Union."

Councillor Newman speaking for the motion said that Croydon was London growth borough with new homes to be built and businesses investing in the future of the town. He went on to say that the Referendum to be held on June 23rd could put that growth and investment at risk and that a ‘no' vote could led to years of economic uncertainty. He went on to say that whilst the EU was not perfect and needed to continue to reform and modernise however in terms of security, protecting workers rights, continuing to secure the peace in Europe and protecting growth and jobs is that the UK would better in and able to influence it's future development than out of it.

Cllr Newman went on to say that the campaign for remaining in Europe was being led by the Prime Minister and Chancellor, and unites many politicians, the Trade Unions, CBI and all 3 Croydon MPs. He went on to say that it was important that Croydon's voice was heard, it was important Croydon residents heard the economic arguments for a ‘yes' vote.

In summing up Cllr Newman said that it was time to put party politics aside and make sure a clear message is sent to Croydon residents that a yes vote was protecting the right of workers, growth and investment and securing a safe Croydon.

Councillor Ali seconded the motion and reserved her right to speak until later in the debate.

The Mayor advised that she had been notified of a Notice of Amendment to the Motion, this had been circulated.

Councillor Jason Perry, moved the amended motion, which was to be seconded by Councillor Vidhi Mohan.

The amended motion read:
"This Council believes that the continuing economic success of Croydon, in terms of delivering ongoing growth, inward investment and local jobs for Croydon residents, is best secured by a competent Local Authority working in conjunction with national and regional Government, the UK remains a member of the European Union."

Cllr Perry expressed his disappointment that his original amendment had been ruled out of order as it sought to bring to the debate back to local issues. He questioned the open and transparency of the process regarding amendments to the Motions and he said that the changes made to the motion had made it pointless and illiterate. He went on to say that the conservative group would take no further part in the censored debate and take no part in the vote.

Councillor Mohan declined to second, but did not withdraw the amendment.

Councillor King speaking to the original Motions said that in 2014 the Labour Administration were voted in under their ‘Ambitious for Croydon' manifesto, and that it was not just for the Croydon of today but also for the future. He went on to say that over the next 15 years Croydon would deliver a £5ΒΌ billion regeneration programme that would create 9000 new homes and 23000 new jobs. Cllr King said that the Towns prosperity not guaranteed if there was a withdrawal from the EU and quoted Richard Plant, Chairman of Develop Croydon who had said that "anything that hurts London, hurts Croydon". Cllr King said that the government had said that voting to leave Europe could lead to years of uncertainty, reduce investment and cost jobs. Cllr King said that the majority of CBI leaders backed to stay in Europe. He went on to say that the EU was the biggest trading partner for UK businesses. In summing up Cllr King said he was passionate about the future of Croydon and hoped that on 23 June Croydon residents vote ‘yes'.

Councillor Quadir declined to speak.

Councillor Mohan declined to speak.

Councillor Hamida Ali, speaking in favour of the original Motion said that the referendum was hugely significant constitutional question for the Country. Councillor Ali said she wanted to focus on what membership of the EU meant to workers across Croydon; these include, paid leave, daily and weekly rest breaks, equal pay, maternity rights, parental leave and anti-discrimination laws. Cllr Ali said that these rights that protected everyone were all on the ballot paper in June and leaving the EU could put these rights at risk.

The amendment to the unseconded motion was put to the vote and lost. The Conservative Group did not vote.

The original motion was put to the vote and was carried by those voting. The Conservative Group did not vote.

The second Motion

2. Proposed by Councillor Lynne Hale
    Seconded by Councillor Chris Wright.

"This Council believes that Croydon's libraries should be kept as centres of books and learning and not turned into bookish gyms or bookish cafes as they have been in Labour Lambeth. It also believes that Library branches should be run by professional staff and librarians and not run by volunteers alone."

Councillor Hale opened the debate saying that the future of libraries were in doubt as the Council launched its consultation, seeking to find volunteers to run them and putting at risk the professional library service that was valued by our communities. Cllr hale went on to say that whilst assurances had been given that no library would close, residents may not recognise them as centres of literature, literacy and learning. She went on to say that the administration appeared to want to turn the libraries into ‘community hubs' run by volunteers that would include gyms or cafes in the buildings. Cllr Hale said that libraries were not a luxury but that they aided community cohesion and helped social mobility. They offered a sanctuary for the vulnerable and space to young people to learn quietly. In summing up Cllr Hale said that libraries build citizens, educate individuals and foster communities. She went on to say that professional library services should be preserved keeping literature and literacy at the fore front of the service for future generations.

Councillor Wright seconded the motion and reserved his right to speak.

The Mayor advised that she had been notified of a Notice of Amendment to the Motion, this had been circulated.

Councillor Timothy Godfrey, moved the amended motion, which was seconded by Councillor Toni Letts.

The amended motion read:
"This Council welcomes the administrations public library engagement, and believes libraries should be centres of books and learning. It also believes libraries should be supported by professional staff and librarians and not run by volunteers alone."

Councillor Godfrey, moving the amendment to the motion said that he wanted to reassure residents that the Labour Administration were committed to the libraries. Cllr Godfrey questioned why the opposition were now ready to embrace anything to do with culture and arts when they previously looked to reduce the cultural offer in the borough. He went on to say that cuts in government funding meant that the Council had to look at doing things in a different way. The consultation survey residents were being asked to respond to asked what they wanted from the library service. Cllr Godfrey said that the council would not be closing libraries but would look to invest in the library service in different ways.

In summing up Cllr Godfrey said that the Labour Administration wanted the library service to be the best in the country and that they should reflect the local communities and the needs of that community.

Councillor Letts, seconding the amendment to the Motion asked how the opposition would keep the service open bearing in mind that by 2019/20 the local government funding will be cut by 74%. Cllr Letts said some people may question the need for libraries in the wake of increased use of e-reading and other technology, but residents that Cllr Letts has spoken to have indicated they want more than just books at their library. They want them to be community meeting places and this council will work with a number of different agencies to do things in a different way to ensure that libraries are not closed.

Councillor O'Connell speaking to the original motion said that resident of all ages had a right to a full time library service. He understood the financial pressures the administration were facing but that these were the same that the previous Conservative administration had to deal with and they were still able to run a full time library service. Cllr O'Connell said that volunteers do a fantastic job but they need to be backed by a professional service. He went on to say that he supported the use of community space but not at the cost of cuts in the traditional library service.

Councillor Shafi Khan speaking to the amended motion said that a recent BBC investigation had indicated that 350 libraries had closed and almost 8000 jobs lost in the library service in the UK in the last 6 years due to government funding cuts. At the same time 15500 volunteers have been recruited under the banner of Big Society. Cllr Khan went on to say that the library service was facing a crisis due to cuts in funding. He went on to ask if it was a crisis or an opportunity to commercialise or outsource the library service. In summing up Cllr Khan said that libraries required proper government funding.

Councillor Wright seconding the original motion said that the library service could be described in two words, duty and expectation. Duty by Council to supply a library service as enshrined in Section 7 of 1964 Act. Expectation by the people of the borough that libraries will provide service that they expect books, reference books papers etc. Cllr Wright went on to say that in 2011 he chaired a meeting involving local residents concerning how the library service was run and the overwhelming response was that residents wanted the library service to remain the same. Cllr Wright asked why Cllr Godfrey had not arranged any such meeting as he would hear for himself that local residents wanted a library service run by professional staff and not turned into coffee shops and gyms.

The amendment to the motion was put to the vote and carried, with no votes against.

The amended motion then became the substantive motion; this motion was put to the vote and carried with no votes against.


The Leader presented the Business Report summarising the proceedings of the Cabinet since the last meeting of the Council.

In accordance with Council Procedure Rules, written questions had been submitted in advance by Council Members and written replies had been given by the relevant Cabinet Members. The questions and answers had been placed in the Chamber and posted on the Council website. Supplementary questions were asked by Members of the Council and replies were given by the relevant Cabinet Members.

Each Cabinet Member was asked in turn if they had anything to add to their report. Questions were then invited from the Chamber for each Cabinet Member who replied orally to the questions on specific paragraphs or submitted questions.

The following members asked questions:
Councillor Newman: Councillors Thomas, Audsley, Hale, Pelling, Creatura, Chowdhury, Fisher and Bashford.

At 21:15, Councillor Lewis moved procedural motion 1.11.9 to move to the next item of business. This was seconded by Councillor Newman and agreed by Council.

In accordance with procedure Cabinet members were invited to make announcement before proceeding to the next business. The following Cabinet Members made announcements:

Councillor Shafi Khan (Deputising for Cllr Flemming) announced that it was national offer day for school places for reception and junior schools and that 85% of applicants got their first preference, a 3% increase on 2015. Those who did not get their first preference would be written to in the next few days.

Councillor Collins announced that the work of the Council enforcement officers looking at fly tipping was shown on the BBC One Show. He also advised that the first day of Green Garden Waste service and that over 1000 bins had been collected.

Councillor Hall announced that the Council had received an LGC Award - SEN partnership procurement of places.

Councillor Woodley announced that the Croydon Shared Lives Scheme had been rated as outstanding by the CQC. Councillor Margaret Mead added her congratulations on that rating.

Councillor Butler speaking about Cllr Dudley Mead, who had earlier advised that he would be stepping down from the opposition front bench, saying that whilst they hadn't always agreed they had often agreed to differ. She said he would be a loss and wished him well for the remainder of this Council term.

Councillor Dudley Mead thanked Cllr Butler for her comments and agreed that they had mutual respect for each other.

Council RESOLVED to

  1. Note the business report of the Leader and Cabinet.

Councillor Canning - Waddon Ward, spoke about air quality not just for Waddon but the whole of Croydon, and that this was the most pressing environmental challenge being faced. He went on to say that 9500 people are killed in London each year by air pollution related illnesses. Purley Road, in Waddon is the most polluted road in the borough and more must be done to improve air quality in this area. Cllr Canning said that the Council works closely with TfL to improve traffic flow around 5 ways junction and is looking at other ways to reduce pollution i.e car clubs, electric vehicles, and park & ride.

Councillor Buttinger, speaking about Kenley said it was a beautiful place, with rolling hills, great walks and views of London. Residents are proud of their area with volunteers and residents groups helping to keep the litter down, protecting historic airfield, managing the local woods, and clear out ponds. Cllr Buttinger expressed the residents disappointment that damage to local trees are not cleared in a timely fashion and that the recent introduction of a fee for the green waste service many had still not been advised when their collection date would be.

Councillor Avis said that her life was embedded in South Norwood. It was an area that had many excellent restaurants, 3 festivals run by community leaders, 4 community gardens, a local market run by community workers. Stanley Halls had been taken over by the community and Cllr Avis recommended that all councillors should visit the area to see the excellent theatre group. £1.5m regeneration funds are being used to take South Norwood forward. In summing up Cllr Avis described the South Norwood Tourist Board flag, crossed scissors and two chickens! She suggested they change it as South Norwood was going forward and moving up.

Councillor Creatura spoke about Coulsdon West Ward and referred the petition he had presented earlier in the meeting calling on Labour to honour their manifesto pledge to retain one hour free parking in the district centre. He went on to speak about the collapse of the deal with Waitrose / Lion Green car park area and that residents did not know why the deal had collapsed. In summing up Cllr Creatura said that he understood that more houses were to be built in Coulsdon and that this would put additional pressures on local doctors, roads and other facilities in the area.

Councillor Lewis speaking about New Addington Ward said that Labour were investing in the area. The fantastic proposal for a new leisure and community centre was well received by local residents. The tram service was great for New Addington and he hoped that extension of the network would happen following the GLA elections. Cllr Lewis spoke about the TfL bus consultation failed to listen to local residents.


Councillor Fitzsimons moved the business report and Councillor Bonner seconded.

Councillor Fitzsimons introduced the report saying that to be effective scrutiny needed to show that it was making a difference and was holding the decision makers to account. He gave different examples of the way scrutiny worked. He thanked all cabinet members and councillors for attending Scrutiny and officers in the scrutiny team for their hard work over the year.


Councillor Bonner, deputy chair (Chair of Health & Social Care Sub Committee) introduced her area of the report around Health & Social Care and thanks officers and members of the Committee for their work and support over the year.

Councillor Bashford congratulated Councillor Flemming on the recent birth of her daughter. As Chair of Children, Young People and Learning Sub Committee, Cllr Bashford introduced her area of the report. She added her thanks to members of the committee and other representatives who attended the meetings for their hard work over the year and to officers for their support.

There were no questions on the Annual report.

Council RESOLVED to receive the report.


Councillor Ryan moved the report and Councillor Ali seconded.

Councillor Ryan introduced the report. Cllr Ryan congratulated officers who were involved in producing the Council's final accounts and the Council's Risk Register. In summing up he thanked officers and Members for their work over the year.

There were no questions.

Council RESOLVED to receive the report.


Councillor Mansell moved the report and Councillor Margaret Mead seconded.

Councillor Mansell introduced the report and thanked all those involved in the Board.

There were no questions

Council RESOLVED to receive the report.


There was no business under this item.

The meeting ended at 22:05
The meeting webcast can be viewed here: