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Scrutiny Streets & Environment Sub-Committee

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Information about Scrutiny Streets & Environment Sub-Committee

Formerly the ‘Scrutiny Streets, Environment & Homes Sub-Committee’


At the meeting of the Scrutiny & Overview Committee on 18th October 2022, it was agreed that the remit of the Streets, Environment & Homes Sub-Committee would be divided through the formation of a separate Homes Sub-Committee until the end of 2022-23 Council year.


The terms of the Streets & Environment Sub-Committee are as below:


1.     To scrutinise:


a)    The built environment

b)    Planning policies

c)     Public realm

d)    Transport

e)    Highways and streets

f)      Green and clean

g)    The environment, conservation, climate change and sustainability


2.     To scrutinise Flood Risk Management and report findings direct to the Cabinet and/ or other partners.