Agenda item

Health and Care Plan refresh update

To receive a presentation and discuss an update on the Health and Care Plan refresh.


The Interim Director of Commissioning and Procurement, Rachel Soni, and the Associate Director for System Strategy for SW London CCG and Croydon Health Services, Sam Boyd, introduced the Health and Care Plan Refresh update and outlined the following:


·      The Council was refreshing the Plan, to be completed by 1 October 2021.

·      The Plan was forward and backward looking and due to the pandemic some milestones had not progressed to the point as originally planned.

·      An engagement event was due to be held on 24 July 2021 and local resident’s and patient’s input would be built into the refreshed Plan.

·      The three aims of the refreshed Plan that were co-designed with local people in 2019 would remain as; a proactive and preventative approach; to making most of community assets; and to ensure services were in the heart of communities.

·      The Health and Care Plan covered every health and care service delivered across Croydon.


The Chair thanked officers for their update and invited questions and comments from the Board.


The Vice Chair stated that the aim now was to refresh the Plan, taking into consideration the impact of the pandemic. As the Health and Care Plan was owned by the Health and Wellbeing Board, Dr Fernandes asked how the Board was involved in shaping and leading the refresh.


In response, the Interim Director of Commissioning and Procurement stated they had mapped existing stakeholders and documents had been brought together collating learning during the pandemic. The Shadow Health and Care Board tracked the Plan and the delivery so that the Health and Wellbeing Board was assured that the Plan could deliver the Health and Wellbeing strategy.


Additionally, the Associate Director for System Strategy for SW London CCG and Croydon Health Services said that a desktop exercise of work had been carried out by various organisations which included engagement with communities.  Most of the learning, from progress or gaps, were because of the pandemic and often services had changed for the better during this time.


Councillor Hopley highlighted that many different types of services which had evolved during the pandemic and asked how these groups had liaised with aforementioned work as this should form a good basis for the Plan going forward.


The Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA) CEO, Steve Phaure, informed the Board that there were different types of services taking place throughout the whole borough. He was reassured by learning described by colleagues. He added that at local voluntary partnership level there was a lot of discussion in regard to learning and changes to services, which was rich information to shape the Health and Care Plan going forward.


The Interim Director of Commissioning and Procurement agreed with colleagues that presented was a tight timetable and ambition to complete tasks by 1 October, which may require tempering.  There was a total programme structure, and within that a lot of work would take place within groups and fed into the overarching Plan as set out across the organisation. She noted that any plans must be aligned with the Croydon Renewal Plan.


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