Agenda item

Place Department Update

To receive an update on the Place departments Budget, Staff and Service Impact.

(Presentation to Follow)


The Interim Executive Director of Place introduced the item and details were outlined by relevant Directors in a Presentation

Following the presentation, Members had the opportunity to ask questions

During the consideration of the recommendations, the Committee discussed the following:

  • Growth on income had been built into the budget in relation to ANPR cameras, camera enforcement was an efficient way to ensure people were abiding by the law. Income for enforcement would be a significant increase on previous years. Parking income was used to offset concessionary travel such as the freedom pass scheme which contribution for is laid to London Councils
  • Once motorists start to comply with restrictions, there may be a reduction in projected revenue from penalty charges in areas where ANPR ‘s operated. This had been built into the model as income projection was based on a compliance process which had been over and under estimated at different periods.
  • After the deduction of the cost of running the service, all surplus funds goes into the freedom pass scheme, once the surplus exceeds the cost of the freedom pass, the Council is required to put the funds into other road schemes.
  • The Council has shifted from a reactive service on maintenance of highways. The budget to deal with reactive maintenance such as effects of potholes as a result of adverse weather was amended to allow for growth in the budget to allow for the repairs to be made.
  • The majority of money for Croydon works initially came from the growth fund
  • The end of furlough and reversal of uplift to universal credit was concerning and there were a number of strategies that had been out in place by the Council to mitigate the knock on effect such as additional funding which had been secured from DWP to keep Croydon Works running. Working with adult learning, Croydon College and John Ruskin colleges to ensure delivering what needed for residents in terms of training. Working with DWP and other providers such as SWLP to blend different approaches from different providers.
  • The development of the community safety strategy would address and target resources in the right way in the antisocial behaviour teams. In being very clear about roles and responsibilities, work had been undertaken to ensure that queries were being routed to the right departments to make sure queries were dealt with more quickly and efficiently. All information on had been made clear on the Councils website.


Request for information

  1. Briefing from Public Realm on projected income from ANPR
  2. Briefing on fee income and total expenditure on the Planning Service

The Sub-Committee concluded that

  1. The Place department always achieved savings as required. There was however a concern about the impact this was having on the department such as the increase in complaints in some of its service areas. Consideration to be given to the possibility of a deep dive to be undertaken by the Sub-Committee on plans to address issues arising from cuts to the budget to be undertaken.
  2. There was a concern about the impact of non- compliance with planning conditions as well as issues with the planning enforcement team resource.
  3. That’s a report on Landlord Licensing be brought before the Sub- Committee prior to being presented at Cabinet in November 20201
  4. The proactive partnership of all agencies was reassuring


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