Agenda item

Minutes of the previous meeting

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 October 2017 as an accurate record.


The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 17 October 2017 were agreed as an accurate record.


Members of the panel reviewed the agenda items of the last meeting:


1)     One-day passes and methods of payment for travel


The panel noted that publicising one day tram and bus passes would be beneficial for making travel easier.


Over 1 million Oyster cards were sold last year, this number could have changed depending on the level of public awareness there was for better ways of travelling. It was also said that some bus passengers travelling through East Croydon were not aware that using the tram stop outside of the station cost the same amount. Tramlink charge £1.50 for passengers boarding trams with oyster cards.


2)     Cashless trams


Panel members noted that there was an outstanding action which was the move to cashless payment for trams. The TfL representative said he was not updated on the status of this situation. Panel members expressed that acknowledging the benefits of cashless payment for tram fares and knowing the data of usage for contactless payment on public transport was important. 


Action: TfL update on contactless payment for trams



3)     New tram time-table proposals


The new tram timetable was to be discussed later in the meeting.


4)     New Addington bus performance


The Chair stated that the letter to TfL regarding bus route 64 causing deterioration of the road for residents of Homestead Way had been drafted and was ready to be sent. 


Questions were raised about bus route 130 for New Addington. The Chair stated this was not on the agenda but would be discussed in Item 6 along with the other bus route matters.


5)     Ticket Machine Performance


To be picked up with Southern Rail later for when Yvonne Leslie would present her items.





6)     Pedestrianisation of Croydon High Street


The Chair received an email from Sean Creighton about bus route 109. As a result of the pedestrianisation of Croydon High Street, this bus no longer stopped at the Town Hall bus stop. People changing to 109 had to walk to the bus stop on Park Street instead.


A panel member stated that this was very inconvenient for passengers. Buses 60, 109 and 250 all stopped at Croydon University and Streatham. Bus route 50 was now the only route that could be boarded from Park Street.


The placement of a bus stand was suggested so that buses going south of Davis House would stop in the same location. The TfL representative stated that the provision of a bus stand here would need to be decided by the Council and would investigate the bus route 109 issue.


A review of the pedestrianisation changes to bus routes was recommended and the Panel agreed that this should be a substantive item for June’s meeting.


7)     The Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS)


The TfL representative notified the panel that the final version of the MTS draft had been completed and sent to the Mayor. [Post meeting note: this was published on 19 March 2018].


8)     Noise at Thornton Heath bus garage


Picked up later as a substantive agenda item.


9)     Bus Issues


The panel noted that bus route 412 and 157 did not run during the Christmas holiday period. Bus route 407 was a single deck bus despite being a major route for schools. Members agreed that double-decking the bus would solve the capacity issue.




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