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Substance Misuse Internal Audit Update 2014/2015

A presentation of the Substance Misuse Internal Audit Update 2014/2015.


The presentation of Substance Misuse was shared with the Committee informing about the significant changes and improvements that had happened with the substance misuse service since the last internal audit was undertaken.


The Committee learned that substance misuse was an area for focal change, where Public Health England had produced a guidance expectation of the commissioning of substance misuse within the Local Authority area.


The Committee heard of the hard working staff in centres ensuring that the provision was working. Substance misuse also operated closely with other sectors to provide other influences of support.


The Committee heard that there had been a noticeable improvement from the clinically and treatment service that had made a real difference for the people of Croydon.


Councillor Hall shared of his visit to Lantern Hall meeting key staff and service users.

He shared that of the then limited cohort of long-term users not working to change lives and not providing the service for the non-long term, which had now shifted as Lantern Hall was providing a service that was evident as the service had changed service user’s lives. This noticeable change was very visible, although there was always room for improvement, the data received from the service was positive. Councillor Hall also talked of the Hub and Spoke model approach that was actively working. The Turning Point was also another centre in Croydon of excellence.

The Committee heard that a considerable amount of work had been done within the community and this was something that was in need of support.


Members of the Committee congratulated and appreciated all the staff involved for their efforts in the change that had taken place. Members of the Committee were enlightened by the journey that had started, and which would continue to empower service users more for this kind of situation.


In response to Members comments on the improvements and changes following (a) the focus on Data Focused Needs Assessments in 2017, (b) the data estimated number in need of the service in 2014/15, and (c) the number of people who received services in 2017/18, officer’s shared that there was a different mix of people in need for service in 2014/15. Ongoing, the service was reaching a high percentage of people in need within the borough and was currently seeing clients who was able to self-lead their lives. Thus a great need of increased demands, which had been the challenges faced within the service.


The Committee further learned that there was an increase in the prevalence of substance misuse in Croydon as there was more people involved, and there was different profiles on how individuals binge or have other problematic issues that included illegal drug taking and cultivating different use of alcohol. Nonetheless, Croydon Services was not seeing an increase in their clients’ substance misuse.


The Committee heard that following previous concerns raised by internal audit, there had been good progress on implementing audit recommendations; out of seven recommendations raised, five had been closed and two were in progress, and so the level of engagement had eventually been successful.


Members of the Committee commended on the great work.


The Committee


(i).  To NOTE the Substance Misuse Internal Audit Update of 2014/2015; and

(ii). To agree for a circulation of the 2014/15 data of statistics; numbers and percentages of distinctions between groups of ages and substances; the past and present and all key performance indicators, sent to Public Health England to be sent to the General Purpose of Audit Committee.


The Chair thanked the Director of Public Health for her presentation.


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