Agenda item

Member Petitions

To receive notice of petitions presented by Members on behalf of local residents.


Councillor Bernadette Khan introduced the submitted petition which read:


“Request for Resident Parking Permit


I'm writing this letter to you on behalf of the Keston Road residents in Thornton Heath. We are requesting the council to introduce the resident parking on our street. We don't have any parking spaces at all due to Mayday hospital staffs who are fully occupying our parking spaces with their cars on our street all day and night. Furthermore, behind our street (around Canterbury Road) there is already resident permit holders parking which has been enforced by the council, so those who live around Canterbury Road, also park their cars on our street.


Apart from this car repair centres and MOT Service stations such as Bharadia Autos in Oakwood Road, Thornton Heath Motors in May day Rd, J & A Autos in Canterbury Rd and Auto Tech in Lancing Rd. As you can imagine the difficulty of us going through the parking nightmare in our street daily, most of them who live in this street are families with children studying either in primary school or secondary school. In order to get our children into the car, we are walking two streets away from our house!! There were many occasions in the past we couldn't find any parking space at all and on those days so many of us parked on the double yellow lines because there was no more parking space left in our street!! Simply it is frustrating to the residents not only for the school runs but also for the essential day to day life.


So we Residents of Keston Road (majority of them) had a detailed discussion, eventually we all mutually arrived at a conclusion that residents permit holders parking is the only way to going forward to solve our parking problem. Also we strongly believe that this should be implemented by the council as early as possible in order to reduce the disruption and hardships we are currently experiencing.”


Councillor King responded that Keston Road had been added to future sites to be considered for a controlled parking zone and a consultation would take place in the summer of 2018.


Councillor Kabir introduced the submitted petition which read:


“We the residents of Quadrant Road and Brook Road, Thornton Heath, would request that due to the high levels of traffic which use Quadrant Road and Brook Road as short cut to avoid Brigstock Road, which results in grid lock during rush hours because the roads are not wide enough for two-way traffic, which then results in accidents and road rage.


We therefore request that the Council adopts a one-way system to alleviate these problems.”


Councillor King responded that both roads were included in the current work programme for investigation and a consultation would take place in the summer of 2018.


Councillor Margaret Mead introduced the submitted petition which read:


“We, as the residents of Addington Village, request that Croydon Council look at options to address the significant increase in street parking that has taken place since the Cricketers/Harvester Pub introduced metered parking within their car park.


It would appear that people were using the Cricketers/Harvester Pub car park when commuting to work by tram or bus and also parishioners for the Church and now that metered parking has been introduced, they have resorted to leaving their vehicles on roads around the Village to avoid the new charges.


We would like the Council to respond to the Addington Village Residents Association with proposed solutions to reduce the number of cars parking on the roads around the Village.”


Councillor King responded that he had asked officers to make contact with the Addington Village Residents Association and to look at potential solutions to the issues raised.


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