Agenda item

Reports to Council

To approve the proposed changes to the Constitution relating to:


a)    Corporate Parenting Panel

b)    Health and Wellbeing Board

c)    Tenders and Contract Regulations


It was moved by Councillor Sean Fitzsimmons, the Chair of the General Purposes Committee who thanked Members from all the political groups at the Constitution Working Group for their hard work towards the proposals in the reports. This was seconded by Councillor Luke Shortland and for the reasons set out in the reports and appendices, Council RESOLVED to:


1.    Approve the proposed changes to the Constitution as set out in the            respective reports and appendices attached to the report to Council            and as recommended by the General Purposes Committee;


2.    Authorise the Monitoring Officer to update the Constitution and make           any consequential changes;


3.    Note that further changes will be made to the TCR’s when regulations            under the Procurement Act 2023 are finalised and the new procurement            regime is fully in force; and


4.    Note those changes to the TCR’s which are executive functions of the Council.


Supporting documents: