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Licensing Act 2003: Application for a Premises Licence


The Licensing Sub-Committee considered the Application for a Premises Licence at 89 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon, CR0 6PT and the representations received as contained in the report of the Executive Director ‘Place’ as well as the additional information provided by the Applicant via email on 18 December 2018.


The Sub-Committee also considered the oral representations of the Metropolitan Police, in particular that they confirmed that they were satisfied that the amended proposed conditions (attached) offered by the Applicant would prevent crime and disorder. They were also of the view that the amendments would result in a food led and family restaurant, rather than a Club.


Further, the Council’s Licensing officer confirmed that Councillor Jerry Fitzpatrick (ward councillor) had withdrawn his comments given the Police were satisfied with the new conditions offered.


The Sub-Committee agreed to the amended times of the licensable activities as set out in 1.2 of Appendix A. Also, that that the relevant conditions in the Application and the new conditions offered by the Applicant today (attached) would be included on the Licence.


The Sub-Committee, having reference to the licensing objectives under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Council Licensing Policy the Sub-Committee RESOLVED to Grant this application with the Licence conditions mentioned below.







Les Calices Restaurant, 89 Lower Addiscombe Road, CROYDON.


Hours for licensable activities


Monday – 11:00-23:00

Tuesday – 11:00-23:00

Wednesday – 11:00-23:00

Thursday – 11:00-23:00

Friday – 11:00-00:00

Saturday – 11:00-00:00

Sunday – 11:00-23:00


Closing Times


Monday to Thursday – As above

Friday and Saturday – As above

Sunday – As above




1.         The Licensee will install comprehensive CCTV coverage at the premises and ensure it is operated and maintained at the premises.

The cctv system shall be operational at all times, motion sensor equipment may be used if needed to assist with storage space. The licence holder will have 3 months from the date of grant of the premises licence to implement this condition.


2.         The CCTV system shall conform to the following points:


1.    Cameras must be sited to observe the entrance and exit doors both inside and outside.


2.    Cameras overlooking floor areas should be wide angled to give an overview of the premises.


3.    A good quality Head & Shoulders image should be recorded and stored as per CCTV conditions.


4.    Provide a linked record of the date, time and place of any image.


5.    Provide good quality images -colour during opening times.


6.    Operate under existing light levels at the premises.


7.    Have the recording device located in a secure area or locked cabinet.


8.    Have a monitor to review images and recorded picture quality.


9.    Be maintained annually to ensure continuous quality of image and capture retention.


10. Have signage displayed in the customer area to advise that CCTV is in   operation.


11. Digital images must be kept for 31 days.


12. Police and licensing officers will have access to images at any reasonable time in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.


13. The equipment must have a suitable export method e.g.CO/DVD writer so that the police can make an evidential copy of the data they require. This data should be in the native file format, to ensure that no image quality is lost when making the copy,  this format is non-standard (i.e. manufacturer proprietary) then the manufacturer should supply the replay software to ensure that the video on the CO can be replayed by the police on a standard computer. Copies must be made available to Police on request.


3.            Food will be available at all times that sale of alcohol  is authorised up to 30 minutes before close. Alcohol will be ancillary to food.


4.            An incident log shall be kept at the premises and made available on request to the Police or an authorised officer of the London Borough of Croydon. The log will record the following:





Persons concerned,

Summary of incident,

Identification of emergency personnel concerned


·         All crimes reported to the venue

·         All ejections of customers or refusal of entry

·         Any incidents of disorder (disturbance caused by either one person or a group of people). (There is no requirement to record the above incidents where they do not relate to a licensable activity).


5.            All customers will be asked to leave quietly.


6.            Clear and legible notices will be prominently displayed at the exit to remind customers to leave quietly and have regard to our neighbours.


7.            Save for private pre booked functions alcohol will be sold or supplied to persons seated at a table or counter by waiter/waitress. With regard to pre booked functions, the booking will be recorded with full name, address and contact details of the person booking and proof of identification and address is to be obtained.


8.            A challenge 25 or equivalent system will be adopted at the premises.


9.            Children will only be permitted on the premises under the supervision of an adult at all times.


10.         Staff dealing with the sale or supply of alcohol will be trained on the challenge 25 policy and on the premises licence conditions. Such training will be provided at induction and refreshed on a 6 monthly basis.


11.         A record of staff training required under condition 10 will be retained at the premises and produced to the licensing officer and police on request.











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