Agenda item

Election of the Mayor

To elect the Mayor for the Council Year 2019/20 and note the appointment of the Deputy Mayor.


Please note there will be a short recess following the election of the Mayor.


Madame Mayor, Councillor Bernadette Khan, resumed the Chair and called on the Leader, Councillor Newman, to propose Councillor Humayun Kabir as the new Mayor of Croydon.


The Leader propose the motion and took the opportunity to emphasise Councillor Kabir’s suitability for the role as Mayor.  Particular mention was made of Councillor Kabir’s dedication as a community activist, the huge role he had played in the Asian Resource Centre and his experience in empowering communities. The Leader welcomed Councillor Kabir’s creative ideas for ambassadorial roles and charitable engagement and acknowledged the support that would be provided by the new Mayor’s consort, Mrs Rahena Chowdhury Kabir.


The Leader of the Opposition Group, Councillor Tim Pollard, seconded the motion noting his own support for the charities already selected by the new Mayor. Councillor Pollard welcomed the new Mayor and stated his belief that he would be very successful in the role.


Madame Mayor put the motion to the vote which was unanimously passed.


The Mayoral procession left the Council Chamber (18:55pm). There followed a short pause in the meeting to allow the new Mayor to change into his robes. The Mayoral procession then re-entered the Council Chamber (19:05pm).


The Mayor, Councillor Humayun Kabir, read out the declaration of office:


I, Councillor Humayun Kabir, having been elected to the Office of Mayor of the Council of the London Borough of Croydon, hereby declare that I take the said office upon myself, and will duly and faithfully fulfil the duties of it according to the best of my judgement and ability. I undertake to observe the Code of Conduct which is expected of Members of the London Borough of Croydon.


The Mayor signed the acceptance of office witnessed by the Head of the Paid Service. Councillor Henson was announced as the Deputy Mayor and also signed the acceptance of office witnessed by the Mayor and the Head of the Paid Service.


Mrs Rahena Chowdhury Kabir was formally announced at the Mayor’s consort.


The Mayor presented Councillor Bernadette Khan with the past-Mayor’s badge and citation. The past-consort’s badge was presented to Mr Qaiyum Khan.


In his acceptance address the Mayor detailed his vision to connect grassroots communities with those who are newly settled in the borough, raise awareness of Council services and encourage confidence in civic rights. The Mayor expressed his desire to promote local businesses and welcomed the support of past-Mayor, Councillor Toni Letts in this endeavour.


The charities chosen by the Mayor to benefit from his fundraising activities during his year in post were announced. Those were:

                 i.          Mind;

                ii.          Croydon Vision;

               iii.          Croydon Day Refugee Centre;

              iv.          Ashdown Jazz Academy; and

                v.          Apasen Croydon


The Mayor also noted his desire to reduce the length of Council meetings in order that they become more family and age friendly.


The sad passing of Councillor Maggie Mansell was noted and welcome was made to Councillor Ben-Hassel who had been elected to the seat in Norbury.


The Mayor expressed his personal thanks to his wife, Mrs Rahena Chowdhury Kabir and their three children: Kuhinoor, Mista and Sumaiya. The Mayor’s brother Jubayer, sister Sauda and daughter-in-law Kajoi were thanked for their support.


It was noted that the Mayor was particularly looking forward to working with Deputy Mayor, Councillor Henson. He welcomed the support of both sides of the Chamber as well as the Chief Executive, Monitoring Officer, members of the democratic services team, the communities department, communications team and last but not least, his own Mayoral team lead by Stephanie Cope.