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Kynaston Road Area - Objections to the Proposed Extension of the Croydon CPZ (N1 Permit Area)


The Chair proposed and the Committee agreed to reorder the agenda and take agenda item 8 as the first substantive item.


The Traffic Management Advisory Committee considered the report which outlined objections received from the public following the formal consultation process on a proposal to extend the existing Croydon Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) (N1 Permit Areas) to Atlee Close, Kynaston Avenue, Kynaston Crescent, Kynaston Road (SE of Swain Road), Palmerston Road, Pitt Road and Sandringham Road with a combination of shared-use (permit/pay-by phone) bays and single yellow lines operating 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.


The Parking Design Manager introduced the report noting that the report summarised the objections to extending the permit zone. It was noted that the majority of objections received were in relation to concerns that there would be a loss of parking spaces if a CPZ was introduced, however it was stated that there was strong support for the extension of a CPZ with 71% respondents voting in favour of the proposal.


Mr Brown addressed the Committee in support of the recommendations stating that relations with those parking on the roads had deteriorated due to inconsiderate parking. It was stated that utility vehicles were being parked on the residential roads every evening and weekend and some vehicles were being left for several months at a time.


Ms Saunders spoke in support of the introduction of a CPZ on the roads listed above, however suggested that a new CPZ designation should be created to avoid having people in N1 Permit Area parking in those roads and reducing the amount of parking spaces available. It was further suggested that Palmerston Road had an insufficient number of parking bays allocated and that the green space on Pawsons Road could be utilised for parking bays.


Ms Samuels stated that a number of residents Paswons Road had not purchased permits when the road was included in the N21 Permit Area and so had been parking in the surrounding roads which were not part of a CPZ. Concerns were raised that those residents would be required to purchase a permit once the proposed extension was implemented and vulnerable residents would be adversely affected. Ms Samuels reiterated Ms Saunders request that a new permit zone be created and further requested that the operational hours be 9am – 6.30pm. Concerns were further raised in relation to the parking situation on Crystal Palace match days and that residents felt that they were not able to come and go from their homes. Ms Samuels requested that the Zone be implemented urgently as the impact on residents had been intolerable.


Mr Drzewiecki additionally spoke in support of the introduction of a CPZ stating that the parking situation in the area had become unbearable and was worse on match days with residents feeling imprisoned in their homes. Everyday activities, such as shopping and school runs had become very difficult and arguments had broken out between residents and others parking on the road. It was felt that the situation had significantly worsened following Pawsons Road entering the N1 Permit Area.


The Chair thanked the residents for their contributions to the Committee.


In response to the points raised by residents the Parking Design Manager guaranteed that residents’ experiences of parking would transform overnight as other residents will no longer park on their roads. It was noted that the original consultation area had been much larger, however following the informal consultation and the area concerned shrinking it had been felt that it would be better to expand the N1 Permit Area. If residents felt that issues persisted, the Parking Design Manager stated that a new CPZ designation could be considered.


In terms of the operational hours, the Parking Design Manager stated that hours of 8am – 8pm had been proposed in other areas where specific problems had been experienced. It was not felt that there were significant issues in the evenings however the hours could be reconsidered if residents felt it was necessary following implementation.


The Parking Design Manager stated he was confident that there was sufficient space in the area to meet the parking needs following implementation of a CPZ as at the time commuters and workers were parking in the area as well as residents. In relation to match days it was stated that fans were parking on the roads which were free and, as such, there would be a reduction in parking following the introduction of the CPZ.


The Committee were informed by the Parking Design Manager that there had been a request from Parking Services to delay implementation of the scheme until April 2020 due to the number of schemes being introduced.


In response to Member questions the Parking Design Manager stated that operational hours of 9am – 5pm ordinarily worked as residents often parked over driveways after 5pm if it was necessary. It was felt that it would not be possible to extend the hours to 6.30pm as it would cause confusion with the rest of the zone operating until 5pm only.


Whilst it was recognised there had been a negative response in Atlee Close it was stated that it would be impractical to exclude it from the proposed CPZ given its location and the vote had been close between those in favour and those opposed to the proposals.


The Parking Design Manager confirmed that resident’s permit charges in the area would be calculated in terms of the Emissions Based Parking Charges. The Chair informed Members that an amendment had been made to the scheme following consideration by the Committee in July 2019 and that pre-2001 vehicles would be charged in terms of engine size.


Members were informed that paving over a green space, as had been suggested by residents, would likely be unpopular and expensive. Furthermore, if the land was not council owned then the local authority would not have any jurisdiction to carry out any such works. It was felt that there should be sufficient on street parking following the introduction of a CPZ that creating a car park would not be required.


The Chair informed the Committee that he had been correspondence with the ward councillors and that they had supported the scheme. It was recognised by the Chair that it was disappointing that the scheme would not be introduced until April 2020, but confirmed that the Parking Services team was relatively small and a number of schemes were being introduced at a similar time so that it would not be possible for the CPZ to be extended until the new financial year.


RESOLVED: That the Traffic Management Advisory Committee recommend to the Acting Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Regeneration (job share) that they:


1.     Consider the objections to extending the existing Croydon Controlled Parking Zone (N1 Permit Areas) to Atlee Close, Kynaston Avenue, Kynaston Crescent, Kynaston Road (SE of Swain Road junction), Palmerston Road, Pitt Road and Sandringham Road with a combination of Shared-Use (Permit/Pay-by-phone) bays and single yellow lines operating 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.


2.     Agree for the reasons detailed in the report to extend the Croydon Controlled Parking Zone into the above roads as shown in drawing no. PD- 0402/1-3.


3.     Inform the objectors and supporters of the above decision.

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