Issue - decisions

Charging Policy

25/05/2021 - Fees & Charges 2021/22

The Leader of the Council delegated authority to the Cabinet to make the following decisions:




1.            To approve the fees and charges set out in Appendix 1 of the report;


2.            Note that the charging policy for Adult Social Care has been amended with effect from 12 April 2021 under delegated authority as set out in paragraph 3.13 of the report;


3.            To note that a report will be brought to Full Council reviewing the process and delegations for setting fees and charges;


4.            To note that work is being undertaken to reconfigure the way fees and charges are presented on the council website so that they are presented in a user-friendly way that ensures they are easy to find in relation to each area of business and that enables customers to progress transactions easily;


5.            To note that further increases to fees and charges will be brought forward for decision as proposals are developed; and


6.            To have due regard to the equalities impact assessment at Appendix 2 of the report in making the decisions set out in these recommendations.