Cabinet Member post

Cabinet Member for Clean Green Croydon


Councillor Stuart Collins

Deputy, Councillor Pat Ryan



·         Single Enforcement & Street based

·         presence – with the Cabinet Member for Communities, Safety & Justice

·         South London Waste Partnership

·         Street Cleaning

·         Waste & Recycling


Projects and Programmes

Clean and Green

·         Big Belly Bins are part of a £1.28 million investment to keep streets cleaner and tidier. A trial period has been completed in Central Croydon, with a further 80 solar powered Big Belly Bins being rolled out across the borough. The new bins compress waste allowing for a larger capacity and improved resources elsewhere.

·         New Road Vacuums introduced allow for more efficient cleaning to keep streets clean in less time than previous machines.

·         “Don’t Mess with Croydon: Take Pride” campaign is helping to secure cleaner better maintained streets and public areas. A key area of focus is dealing with fly tipping via a mix enforcement and speedy removal. Offenders are caught through using a combination of statistical evidence, intelligence, covert CCTV and encouraging residents to report offences. A range of enforcement action is used, including fixed penalty notices and prosecution. The focus this year will be on changing behaviour and reducing demand by encouraging and making it easier for residents and traders to ‘do the right thing’.

·         “Eyes and Ears” harnesses community action to work in partnership with the council’s multi-skilled street based enforcement operatives to deal with environmental crimes such as fly-tipping, graffiti and anti-social behaviour.

·         Changing people’s behaviour (getting people and traders to do the right thing e.g. dispose of waste properly) as part of demand management. Working with Keep Britain Tidy on behavioural change initiatives as an exemplar Council.


South London Waste Partnership

·         Re-commissioning of waste management service - Aim is to agree tougher key performance indicators based on outcomes, to provide an improved service for residents.

·         Croydon is leading the re-commissioning of the grounds maintenance service on behalf of members of the partnership. Croydon’s existing contract with Quadron expires in 2018.

·         Carry out door to door, face to face education with residents in areas with low recycling rates. This includes work with schools.

·         Introduce new tech solutions to assist contractors’ operatives with street cleaning.

Policy Developments

·         The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 replaced most of the powers available to the police and local authorities to deal with anti-social behaviour as well as some specific pieces of legislation used for the enforcement of environmental offences. It introduced a new community protection notice to deal with particular, ongoing problems or nuisances which negatively affect the community’s quality of life by targeting those responsible.

·         The Mayor of London’s manifesto pledges to increase recycling to 65% by 2030 and sees an opportunity to create jobs in reuse, repair, remanufacturing and materials innovation in order to reduce waste. He also seeks to promote initiatives that reduce water consumption.


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