Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 30th November, 2021 6.30 pm, Scrutiny Streets & Environment Sub-Committee

Venue:   To view the meeting, please use the link

Contact:    Stephanie Davis
020 8726 6000 x84384

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Leila Ben-Hassel Chair Present
Councillor Jeet Bains Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Kola Agboola Committee Member Present
Councillor Jade Appleton Committee Member Present
Councillor Louis Carserides Committee Member Present
Councillor Luke Clancy Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Councillor Caragh Skipper Committee Member Apologies
Stephanie Davis Clerk Expected
Councillor Robert Canning Reserve In attendance
Councillor Michael Neal Reserve Present as substitute
Steve Iles Officer Expected
Katherine Kerswell Officer Expected
Sarah Hayward Officer Expected
Alison Knight Officer Expected
Councillor Patricia Hay-Justice Guest In attendance