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Mitcham Common Conservators


Brief history: Since the board of Mitcham Common Conservators was formed in 1891 it has consisted of a number of representatives from the local authorities that exist in the area. These have been Vestries, municipal Boroughs/Districts and latterly the London Boroughs.

The connections between the London Borough of Croydon and the Mitcham Common Conservators therefore have a long historical context. This is particularly important as Mitcham Common shares a common border with the London borough of Croydon and is used extensively by Croydon residents.

Aim of the organisation: The aim of Mitcham Common Conservators is manage the Common to protect and improve it and ensure that the public have free access to it. They endeavour to widen the public interest and understanding of the Common.

Additional information: The Mitcham Common Conservators have been managing the Common since 1891. Prior to that time there had been considerable unrest amongst local people at level of gravel extraction and turf removal which they regarded as the plundering of the Common’s resources. At the forefront of this opposition was George Parker Bidder QC, who lobbied for the Common to be protected. Eventually this led to the Metropolitan Commons (Mitcham) Act 1891, which empowered the Conservators to manage the Common and make byelaws to protect it.

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