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22/05178/OUT - 20 Manor Way, Purley, CR8 3BH

Outline planning permission (access, appearance, layout and scale) for the demolition of the existing house and the construction of a 3 storey building comprising 8 flats together with the provision of 8 parking spaces, refuse and cycle storage, all other matters reserved (landscaping).


Ward: Purley and Woodcote

Recommendation: Grant permission


Hoa Vong, Principal Planner (Sustainable Communities, Regeneration and Economic Recovery), presented the report to members, highlighting that it was important to note that an outline application had been approved in 2018 for a very similar proposal, but that since then there had been improvements made to the plans. This included a 3-bedroom family unit, a lift and fire lobby with accessibility to all floors, larger gardens, and a wheelchair accessible unit on the ground floor.


It was important to note that the 2018 plans could still be implemented but that the development then would not benefit from the improvements mentioned if the application put before the committee at this meeting were not approved.


In response to members’ questions, officers clarified that:


·        Landscaping matters would be approved after the application was decided upon;

·        Flooding was not indicated as a significant risk but that as part of details submitted the applicant would need to demonstrate that any surface water drainage could be successfully handled on-site and that localised flooding risk would not be increased;

·        The use of the £12,000 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) local transport contribution would not be determined in the conditions;

·        The new gradient of the wheelchair ramp was 1/20;

·        The site did not warrant an ecology survey to be carried out.


Members heard representations against the application regarding the following points:


·        That the development took no consideration of damage to the character of the road by introducing flats;

·        That the proposals constituted overdevelopment that would result in loss of privacy to neighbouring properties;

·        That there had been a change in political leadership since the original development was approved;

·        That the flats would suffer from inadequate amenity space.


In response to objections officers clarified that the change in political control of the council did not affect the decisions of the local planning authority, and also that 3-bedroom properties, even when they were flats, were considered family homes. The amenity space provided was either equal to or in excess of that required by the London Plan.


The committee then made its deliberations. Councillor Appu Srinivasan moved the recommendation to GRANT planning permission. This was seconded by Councillor Mohammed Islam, and:


RESOLVED, unanimously to:

2.1  That the Committee resolve to GRANT planning permission

2.2  That the Director of Planning Sustainable Regeneration is delegated authority to issue the planning permission subject to:

A. The prior completion of a legal agreement to secure the following planning obligations:

1. Sustainable transport contribution of £12,000
2. S.278 agreement to secure highways works
3. Monitoring fee
4. Payment of the Council’s reasonable legal costs
5. Any other planning obligation(s) considered necessary by the Director of Planning and Sustainable Regeneration

2.3  That the Director of Planning and Sustainable Regeneration is delegated authority to negotiate the legal agreement indicated above.


2.4  That the Director of Planning and Sustainable Regeneration is delegated authority to issue the planning permission and impose conditions and informatives to secure the following matters:

1. Submission of reserved matters within 3 years development shall be begun not later than five years from the date of this permission or two years from the final approval of all of the reserved matters
2. Development to be carried out in accordance with the approved drawings and reports Pre-commencement
3. Submission of Construction Logistics Plan
4. Drainage and SUDS strategy
5. Full landscaping details including, boundary treatments, hard and soft landscaping, playspace, planting, trees (including replacement planting to the front) and biodiversity enhancements. There shall be no net loss of trees. Prior to above ground works
6. Submission of materials and design details including screening to balconies
7. Development (as far as practicable) in accordance with accessible homes requirements M4(3) and M4(2)
8. Submission of delivery and servicing plan and design of bin enclosures
9. Details of existing and proposed levels and details of the design of the proposed retaining walls Prior to occupation
10. Details of external energy plant Compliance
11. Obscure glazing on flank windows above ground floor level
12. Compliance with bike store layout
13. Installation of vehicle parking spaces and compliance with highways technical note
14. Installation of EVCPs at 20% active and 80% passive
15. Compliance with Arboricultural Assessment and Tree Protection Plan
16. Compliance with Fire Statement
17. Water use target of 110l/p/d
18. Any other planning condition(s) considered necessary by the Director of Planning and Strategic Transport

1. Granted subject to a Section 106 Agreement
2. Community Infrastructure Levy
3. Code of practice for Construction Sites
4. Highways informative in relation to s278 works required
5. Compliance with Building/Fire Regulations
6. Construction Logistics Informative
7. Refuse and cycle storage Informative
8. Thames Water
9. Any other informative(s) considered necessary by the Director of Planning and Strategic Transport


2.5  That the Committee confirms that adequate provision has been made, by the imposition of conditions, for the preservation or planting of trees as required by Section 197 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


2.6  That, if by 3 months the legal agreement has not been completed, the Director of Planning and Sustainable Regeneration is delegated authority to refuse planning permission.


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