Agenda item

Questions to Mayor and Executive

To receive questions from Councillors. The first five minutes of this item may be used by the Mayor to make any announcements.



Mayor Jason Perry, supported by members of the Cabinet, invited questions from Council on various topics affecting the borough. The Chair called upon councillors in turn and Mayor Perry responded that:


·       Consultation had concluded on the progress, approach and process around maintained nursery schools and was embarking on a three-month program of working with maintained set nursery schools to ensure financial viability in the future.


·       Independent Panel Orders or advice notes had not been issued to the Council in the 2023/24 Municipal year.


·       Council finances were still challenging, and large cuts and savings would have to be made in the budget next year.


·       The program put in place with drawn resources from Violence Reduction Unit to address the increased number of thefts across border targeting Croydon’s young children led to a decline in incidents.


·       The Council was holding discussions with the British Transport Police, The Police and Transport For London (TFL) on how to collectively deal with the growing trend around groups targeting school children at the end of the school day, in a holistic approach. Some Arrests had been made.


·       Violence against Women and Girls Delivery Plan would be ready in the New Year and the Council worked with housing, Police, and community groups when processing referrals.


·       Over 300 people including the Chief Executive participated in a peer challenge facilitated by the Local Government Association to prepare the Council for assessment by the Care Quality Commission.


·       The initial findings of the per challenge were good and the Council was looking forward to receiving the formal report and working across the whole sector in order to improve what we've already got in place and deliver for the residents here.


·       The number of affordable homes approved by the planning committee in the 2023/24 municipal would be provided by the executive Mayor after the meeting.


·       There was going to be an increased police presence in the Town Centre. This would be funded via a specific project work which involved working with the police and the voluntary sector to target specific issues around young women and girls.


·       Consultation had begun on the Flood Alleviation Strategy which would be presented at Cabinet January 2024.


·       Figures on the current eviction rate in the borough, would be provided after the meeting.


·       The Council was working in partnership with the police, charity groups and voluntary sector groups such as Croydon Reach, to support the homeless.


·       The restructure of the Housing Department was delivering results as rather than waiting for those evicted from their homes to turn up, they were trying to deal with their issues at a much earlier stage so that people do not end up being evicted in the first place and help those in the private sector stay in their properties. Pan London provision as well. So as a London, a group of councils


·       The Council was working across departments to support residents and deal with the anti-social behaviours.


·       There had been a huge investment in electric charging points and over 350 street charging points have been deployed and it was agreed that encouraging drivers to switch to electric cars was a better way to approach clean air rather than fining residents who could not afford the fines.