Issue - decisions

COVID-19 recovery for BH Live

25/01/2022 - COVID-19 recovery for BH Live

The Leader of the Council delegated authority to the Cabinet to make the following decisions:




1.               Agree, in accordance with Regulation 30.3 of the Council’s Tenders and Contracts Regulations, to vary the existing contract with the operator of Fairfield Halls, BH Live, to a value of £841,000 (resulting in a total aggregated variation value of £1,291,000 and a total maximum aggregated contract value of £181,291,000) by:


(i)              Agreeing to include a management fee arrangement of £193,000 in 2022/23 and £74,000 in 2023/24, with a profit sharing arrangement of  90% Croydon : 10% BH Live; and


(ii)             Agreeing to the early purchase of physical assets within Faifield Halls from BH Live, to the value of £574,000 (subject to a confirmed valuation), which could have otherwise occurred at the exit of the contract.