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London Road Safety Council


Brief history: The London Road Safety Council (formerly the London Accident Prevention Council) initiated the voluntary accident prevention movement in Great Britain in 1916. In December 1916 at Caxton Hall a discussion was held to devise a plan to reduce the increasing number of road accidents. There were 46,199 accidents and 833 fatalities recorded in one year, thus the Mayor of Westminster announced the establishment of the ‘Safety First' campaign in the Metropolitan area cohesive to the election of the ‘Safety First' Council, the forerunner of the London Accident Prevention Council.

Aim of the organisation: The aim of London Road Safety Council awareness of road safety. Approximately 28,000 road users will be injured using in roads of Greater London this year and 3000 of those will be killed or seriously injured. Raising awareness will be in cohesion with producing and promoting resources and publicity materials. The London Road Safety Council is a charity.

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